After Reality

In the past few days I’ve applied for a lot of jobs. I’m starting to think I’m doing too much and reflecting too little.

I talked to someone who is one of my new favorite people today. His name is Larry and he works at the mental illness recovery center I go to. He recommended I reflect and read the book, What Color is Your Parachute?

Just so happens my sister has 1998 version of this book, so I’m going to read start reading it soon, or I may get the 2012 version from the library.

Back to Larry. It just so happens that Larry is just the kind of person I’d like to emulate. He’s really calm and positive. He meditates and teaches a mindfulness class at the recovery center (called “Friends 4 Recovery”).

Positive is something I haven’t been lately. I pick apart people I see at the center, people I admire and people I look down upon. I’m sorry to say I look down on people, but I do, unfortunately.

I’m not in the best place lately. I feel trapped in trying to get a job, even a job that may not necessarily match who I am or what’s most important to me. I don’t know how to free myself. All I can do is try–by reflecting, by reading the book, by writing.



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