April 22, 2012, 5:23 pm
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I believe that people doing busy work at school and work instead of fulfilling their life purpose, and people pretending skin color, marrital status, and income are character traits are all part of a “C-O-N-spiracy” (like from In Living Color) against humanity meant to keep people from truly living.

The greatest accomplishment is freeing people, as our heroes helped do. Can you tell me a job field that actually does that for people in a lasting or profound way today?

People will say education, but does education really free people? I went to college to become a newspaper reporter, but I really wanted to be a writer. The way I needed to be freed was to believe in myself. I didn’t believe I could make a living as a writer unless I wrote for a magazine or newspaper.

I had only one teacher (a college professor) who told me she thought I was talented. Education is not worthy of the name unless it makes people feel good about themselves, like they can overcome any obstacle. That’s called freedom.

We actually kind of reward people in our culture for being unfree. I’m talking about how monogamy and being married are considered ways to be “good” people. Um, how about facing and fixing your own problems, such as being ashamed and insecure, thereby fixing your own little corner of the world? Think about what would happen if everyone did that: Freedom.

For me, facing my problem partly included doing what I loved: writing–and thinking a lot. I’ve felt freer of my mental illness (negative voices and haunting feelings) and more okay with myself as I’ve written and explored who I am.

As far as race goes, I just feel people wear their race as their character too often: by the way they dress, speak, and date people of the same race. I wear my race as my identity, to a certain extent. I feel very in touch with my struggle/experience as a black person, just as a white person might feel in touch with the struggle of being white. Yes, I believe there is such a thing. I believe anyone labeled “good” suffers inside just as much as anyone labeled “bad.” Humans are good and bad, and labels interfere with the freedom to be both.

I believe identifying with our experiences (because of our race, sex, income bracket, etc.) can encourage people to make the world better for others in similar situations.

Making the world better in a unique and neccessary way is less likely to happen when people hide things about themselves, thereby avoiding improving the human condition for others like them. (For example, if Abe Lincoln was really gay and hid it, he avoided improving the treatment of gay people.)

People may avoid their purpose and still feel like they’re doing something simply because they make money and live in a nice house. But they are using only a sliver of their power to make life grand, if they avoid facing all parts of who they are.

I say “conspiracy” because in any good story there’s always an antagonist. But the greatest enemy has to be within, and has to be covert to be doing such a good job in making everyone believe that what they want is unhavable: their dreams, peace and togetherness. Most religious people can tell you who the enemy is, by the way.

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