The Afro (The Things He Gave Her, Installment 2)
April 8, 2012, 1:17 pm
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A History: The Afro

“And it was good.”

The afro came about rather innocently. It came to protect African people’s heads from the hot sun. The individual strands of hair were coiled and stayed close to the head so they could hold water like a sponge, and cover the scalp with no parts. The afro looked almost like a halo. For some reason the afro stopped spreading to people living in other countries close to the equator like Africa. Whatever sent the afro decided that melanin and straight hair were enough to protect those people’s heads.

For a while all was well for the afro; no one was judging it for its ways.

Then came new rules for Africans who became slaves in America. Thomas Jefferson declared that African hair, which was not long and flowing like whites’, was one of the many things that made African people inferior.

Straightening techniques started disguising the afro for many Africans.

Later, a battle was fought to end slavery and it was won.

The offspring of the slaves fought for freedom–again. More and more people brought the afro out of hiding to make a statement: The afro was beautiful, and so were Africans. The battle was won, freeing the offspring of freed slaves and the afro.

The End.

Eh, hem. The End!!!



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