Rappers Know Best
April 6, 2012, 8:26 pm
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“We don’t love deese hoes.” –Biggie Smalls in “Nasty Boy.”

“‘Beauty is truth, truth Beauty’–that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know” —John Keats in “Ode on a Grecian Urn”

I feel less jittery lately, but I still don’t feel quite normal (relaxed). I still have a bit of a haunting feeling when I think of the world out there, and even sometimes when I think of where I’m living. I just moved in with my sister because I had no where else to go (having no income).

Fortunately, I know the answer to the haunting feeling: Go out into the world and be around people, I hope. Everybody knows the answer to fear, or any other problem, is to face it. Of course it feels slightly comfortable to avoid fearful situations or problems.

Avoidance seems to be society’s most popular response when I look at societal problems, like racial inequality in education, which seems to go ignored.

I complain a lot about societal problems. They really bother me. The worst part is I feel like I’m in a horror movie, and I’m the person who’s seen the monster and no one else believes me. The monster is societal problems no one mentions.

Even saying the words “black” or “white” is kind of unwelcomed in regular conversation. And when someone goes far and expresses a stark opinion on race, they have to apologize publicly, and get labeled “innappropriate.” Think Dr. Laura (who dared to say that some blacks are too sensitive about the word, “nigger”), or Kanye West, or Pat Robertson (who wondered aloud if mac n’ cheese was a “black thing”).

Jack Nicholson’s character was right in A Few Good Men: Some people “can’t handle the truth.”

About a month ago I was watching television and “I Dream of Jeannie,” came on. It totally freaked me out when I thought of how society was when they made that show. They filmed it during the civil rights movement, the 60s. Yet, people on the show are all smiles, all white, making jokes and being “happily married.” “Happily married” doesn’t exist yet on earth in my opinion–because of humankind’s avoidance of solving problems and creating true happiness for all.

The jokesters on one of my favorite shows, I Dream of Jeannie, were really out of touch with reality. It freaks me out that I used to watch reruns of that show as a kid, as if everything was okay, when it really wasn’t. I probably never saw a black person on the show. I thought Jeannie, with her blonde hair, was so pretty. And she is pretty, but, I still feel misled about what beauty is because of shows like I Dream of Jeannie.

I loved that Jeannie and Major Nelson had a barrier, like race could’ve been, between them: Jeannie is a genie and Major Nelson is human. That must have satisfied something deep within me. As you may know, I have a thing for white guys, one in particular–the married, white man I believe is my soul mate.

The difference between white people and shows like I Dream of Jeannie and rappers (black and white) is this: Rappers keep it real. Even when life gets ugly, rappers embrace it, at least in their music. Society has called them every name in the book. They take the names and make them compliments: nigger becomes “my nigga,” or my homie, or “my ace boon coon.”

Rebellious black boys walking down the inner city street with their pants sagged have always been one of my favorite things. They accept the world God brought them into, even though the world doesn’t reflect God’s will on earth because people ignore what’s in their hearts: interracial love, and dreams that seem too lofty in a money-driven world.

While in the hospital I heard a voice say in the middle of the night something like this: They saw both sides of life, and they couldn’t look at the bad side, so they don’t want life. I know the voice wasn’t talking about Biggie Smalls, or Lil’ Wayne, or almost any rapper. I LOVE rap music, always have. I think God does, too.


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