Stingy Man
March 1, 2012, 10:28 pm
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For a moment the food in the house seemed sinister this morning. Food is nature’s gift, just as human beings are meant to be gifts to each other. But people in my environment have put a condition on my access to food. The condition is that I have to put aside who I am eight hours a day, rather than write, as I want to because there is no immediate pay off, and possibly no payment at all for my examination of life.

My society’s goal seems not for me to improve the condition of my fellow man in the way I feel is most necessary, but instead that I make a lot of money for my employer.

My last job seemed aimed at helping children in a miniscule way, as a teacher’s assistant. But around me I could see people, including the children I helped, suffering deeply. I felt useless. Every day I was doing work that was geared toward making money for me and my employer, not addressing the problems I saw in the world.

I believe people (Americans), including me, suffer because society treats them as money makers and possession holders. However much money, or however many things people have, that is their value.

Success in America is not yet defined by how much people grow as individuals, or how much they improve the human condition; such definitions of success would affirm the value of all human beings, including those who achieve it.

One of America’s greatest success stories is that of Steve Jobs. He invented products that make life more convenient for a lot of people. But meeting American’s demand for the gadgets, such as the iPod, resulted in working conditions that drove many Chinese factory workers to suicide. The suicides subsided after the factory put nets up around the building to catch people jumping from the roof.

Still Chinese workers live in cramped quarters to be close to the factory, and work twelve to sixteen hour days. One worker who talked to a television news reporter had never seen the product she was making. It seems only a small number of human beings benefited (and still benefit) from the gift of Jobs’ presence, which I believe nature had intendend for all humans.

When I look at history I feel the greatest problem that’s faced mankind is perhaps society limiting people’s freedom to contribute their individual gifts sincerely and without the pressure to adjust their contribution to make it more profitable. I believe this problem is partly the cause for mankind’s inability to be together, regardless of race and income, still today, still in a country that affords many freedoms, such as America.

When a person is separated from his true nature, such as having to work a job that doesn’t match his dreams, and abilities, he is inevitably in a place of insecurity. His every action will likely be geared toward showing himself to be worthy to the group and to himself, to show his life is worth sustaining, since he is not valuable as his true self.

Also, if someone is separate from his true self, he has no choice but to be separate from others. How can someone relate to and connect with others if he has no self to share, if he believes his true self (his sexual desires, dreams, bodily functions) are unacceptable, something to hide?

I believe America can solve this problem by valuing human beings more, recognizing the gifts they are to all of mankind. This change can start with each individual following his true desires, and dreams. The problem however is that people feel un-free to do this right away. I am attempting to circumvent this problem, forgoing working a job I don’t want. I am unsure of how long I will have shelter, which is now provided for free by a family member, and unsure of how I afford food when I no longer have money. I was using food stamps but my access to them has been at least temporarily, possibly permanently, discontinued. Either way, I no longer want to use this option because its condition is that I look for a job that pays money, even if it’s a job that goes against who I am, my true nature.

I believe there must be some higher natural order that allows people to fulfill their role on this earth, as animals, bugs and spiders do, following their instincts and unique, innate gifts which seem specially designed to support nature, and other living organisms.


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