On Fakeness
December 6, 2011, 1:52 am
Filed under: Human Potential

I thought of this post tonight while listening to “Nasty Boy,” by Biggie Smalls. Aren’t we all nasty? I thought. I will explore this more later (12//9/11, 8:58 p.m.)…

I was really excited when I saw I got a comment on my blog saying my content was great. But it was just a spam-ish thing inviting me to a Web site to pay to see writing jobs. See? Not much is real here in America (or probably anywhere on the planet, except maybe China I’ve heard).

If every action results in an equal and opposite reaction, I wonder what reaction fakeness calls for. More fakeness?

Slavery was fakeness; so was Jim Crow and segregation. And I bet even today’s racial separation (reflected in movies and commercials) is more fakeness, people denying their true desires, which is for… togetherness, of course. I’ve liked white guys all my life, but I’ve had almost all black men in my bed and in my company. Tis’ life: Fakeness, a.k.a. racial separation, the result of years of fakeness. And we continue to put out more fakeness, pretending our desires make us freaks. That’s why we judge gay people so harshly; they’re uncommon sexual preference¬†is openly expressed. I believe we all have some preference that’s unique and uncommon (my desire to be dominated, for example–not with a whip), but we hide it.

Do people really think that does no harm?


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