To see myself in what’s written – can’t be right
February 19, 2011, 7:40 pm
Filed under: Human Potential

Wow. I feel like my prev posts really suck, and partly don’t even reflect what I really think, at least since I last wrote. People are sometimes kind of reluctant to talk about race, and sometimes treat it like a non-issue. When talking about race has gone well, it’s pleasantly surprised me.

I get a lot of denial that black people are discriminated against; one friend told me all women have issues with not looking like the “ideal” women models represent, even if they are white. But I think what I notice is just a lack of representation of black women in magazines, and also movies, almost like we still have a segregated society where whites are always addressed, as if black people don’t exist or are only a quarter of a person.

Another person whom I think is otherwise super cool told me that people mostly date within their race because it’s what’s comfortable, kind of like how sparrows don’t mate with cardinals. I later found out that the birds are different species.

A guy who initially asked me what I look for in a man, debated with me that interracial dating is something people don’t really care about and that the race divide in this country will be only undone with time, not interracial dating. He said he believed in supporting “black love” and “breaking down barriers” within the black race, using my same words for what I thought interracial dating could do for race relations.

Really the lack of interracial dating and the racial divisions are just a symptom of a bigger problem, which is that people generally don’t like to face tough situations or possible rejection. Thank goodness, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Abe Lincoln weren’t like that. These days everyone wants to say that things are so much better, end of story. Not me.

Anyway, here’s to freedom of expression… leaving my two previous posts untouched. Feel like doing so shows myself some love. Still no theme. I guess I’ll create one when I start to feel like I should, which may never happen.


P.S. I know the quarter of a person thing would be from slave days and from a google search, I guess it was three-fifths of a person, but I truly believe that sometimes we’re right even though we seem wrong based on outside facts or ideas. There’s a part of us that just knows stuff.


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